Can you be Stoic about love?

I’m reading Happy1Derren Brown at the moment, and I saw Mythos 2Alice Fraserlast weekend, and my ex and I broke up three months ago.3citation, unfortunately, not needed And I am looking for reassurance that there is a way of thinking about this doesn’t make the hard days awful.

There isn’t, by the way. If you take anything from this essay let it be these four things:

  • buttholes are brown
  • buttholes are supposed to be brown
  • we’re all going to die
  • to love in a way that doesn’t hurt is fantastically impossible
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Weeknotes S04E018:

This week, despite being on leave, has been fairly busy. I’ve done a lot of writing, a lot of chess, a lot of self-reflection. Just one bit of writing this week, about my experience with part of the assessment for autistic spectrum disorder I’m undergoing.

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Weeknotes S03E22

One way or another, this season will end soon. I was going to apply for a promotion and leave you all on a cliffhanger, but sadly that’s no longer possible.

Yeah, that’s a downer. Alright, let’s see what else I learned this week.

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Weeknotes S03E20

What’s the difference between pizza and toast? And what is a sandwich, anyway?

I have had a number of weird conversations this week, and not written a whole lot of code. I’d like a job where I can swing between these two things.

I do not think a job like this exists.

Let’s do the week: retro style!

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