Weeknotes S04E09: This is where we come alive

This has been a topsy-turvy few weeks. I’m still coming to terms with some things that happened and I’m going to work through them bit by bit. Normally this kind of post would be automatically published in a slack channel at work – it’s a cool idea, and it exposes me to people I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet – but this one…this one I’m still working out.

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Database changes while maintaining content

Mmm, that’s a nice title. Sure to draw the punters in.

I’m building something for some colleagues in my organisation, and I’m doing my best to do it properly. This is despite feeling, consistently, like I’m just playing at this: one of the downsides of learning a skill through sheer mucking around.

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Weeknotes S04E08: C a f f e i n a t e d

The punctuation has never been so caffeinated.

I have had a mixed week, friends. Pulling out a theme is proving difficult, other than the weird way the body reacts to a lack of sleep brought on by hay fever.

As a side note, waking up in a cold sweat and unable to breathe is way sexier in movies. I did it twice this week and it’s probably my second least favourite way to wake up.

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