Weeknotes S04E06: Do what makes you happy

I’ve had a week where I’ve been trying, in various ways, to sell myself and work out what I want to do. I’m coming to the conclusion that the question people like to ask – “What do you enjoy?” – is the wrong question for me. I’m putting this out there in the hope that other people will identify with it.

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Weeknotes S04E05:Infinities of different sizes

Do you know about Hilbert’s infinite hotel?

It’s a curious place. The room numbers start at 1, and they go on forever. There are an infinite number of rooms and tonight, they’re all full. Every single one.
A guest appears out of the darkness and asks the desk clerk if there is room. The clerk, of course, says yes. The night is dark, the guest is cold, and cold hard cash is, at the end of the day, cold hard cash. But where to put them?
It can’t be in room ‘infinity’, because that’s an absurd proposal. There’s no such number. Room 1 exists, but that room has an occupant. As does room 2. And so on, and so on.
The desk clerk considers this problem and comes to a conclusion. All that needs to be done is that everyone move up a room. The occupants of room 1 will go to room 2; room 2 to room 3, and so on. There are infinite rooms, after all. Everyone can just go to the room whose number is one greater than their current abode.

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